Knowing you


Understanding you, your business

Knowing as much as possible about your business and markets is our starting point in the brief. Understanding your sector, and influencing factors within it, is part of the preparation to producing marketing materials relevant to and effective in your markets.

Industry knowledge is important; we try to become temporary experts for insight to help produce marketing that serve your strategies, budget and deadlines. We research as widely as possible.


Appreciating needs

We realise that you might be leading simultaneous marketing and communication projects, so we try to dovetail seamlessly, intruding in your business life as minimally as possible.



To achieve the best results as efficiently as possible, we produce an agreed, full brief confirming the project’s scope and scale and relevant details about your business, product specifics, market and expected results, in collaboration with you. We do this so that we don’t compromise the quality and speed of the work we undertake for you.

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Knowing us


Use our expertise to communicate yours

Guinea Fowl Creative specialises in marketing and marketing communication — marketing activity, copy-writing, designing, production — for print and digital outputs, in Herefordshire.


Marketing services – start ups to SMEs

  • web content, design, search engine optimisation
  • brochure: design, writing
  • public relations: campaigns, press releases
  • advertising: copy, design
  • reports: writing, editing, designing, producing annual, quarterly and special interest reports
  • marketing plans, strategy


Marketing services – associations, institutes, member organisations

We also provide communication services to not-for-profit organisations — trade associations, chambers of commerce, community groups, industry guilds — serving members — growing membership.

We help these organisations to communicate regularly and clearly with potential members, existing members and their various stakeholder groups, undertaking:

  • web content, design, search engine optimisation
  • publications — magazines, newsletters
  • reports — writing, design, production
  • brochures, leaflets
  • public relations, press releases

Marketing services, Herefordshire



Marketing, communication and design services—Ludlow, Leominster, Ledbury, Tenbury Wells, Bromyard, Kington, Hay on Wye, Hereford, Ross on Wye …

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