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Unique selling what   USPs Unique selling points and unique selling propositions are terms used interchangeably. I don’t think they should be; I don’t believe they’re the same thing.   Points and propositions A unique selling point is the tangible difference in features or specification of a product or service. A unique selling proposition is a step further; it is the difference in the promise in the exchange — the offer.   The inner and the outer The unique selling point is passive; it is a constituent of the...

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MARKETING pre-flight: geese and ganders

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  Goose and gander marketing Of course we know that perceptions and experiences are governed by moments and memory — over which, largely, we as consumers have no conscious control — yet as businesses preparing web content or email copy, we try to understand, mostly. We sometimes forget, when it comes to marketing our business, that meanings and experiences for Joe and Josephine are different.   Pitching it Yet in engaging Joe or Josephine, getting the pitch right in our marketing communication is important, both through words and...

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