Brochures on paper

Technology is good, but it can’t beat the fine feel of a brochure in the hand — like summer sand running through fingers — when it comes to making choices and buying decisions for much of life’s living. Some things in life are good to touch.


Brochure branding

Branding is conceptual and perceptual. A brochure that contains the propositions and promises we businesses make seem more concrete in a physical rendering.

It’s like a landline telephone number — it’s the binding of bricks and mortar to the promise.


Brochures — a good pick-me-up

There is something solid about a brochure in our hands. We pick it up, open it, touch it, smell it, and share in a human interaction.

The thing about a brochure is its physical properties — the caress of silk-coated paper, the sensual sounds of turning of a page.  It’s the kinetic connection that is our human condition.


Brochures — like a handshake

It is reassuring to hand a creamy-finish business card to someone we want to do business with.

Imagine giving them a brochure. It’s giving them something of our business. It’s what they expect. They want to take away the information to absorb at leisure. Digital is expedient; brochures are sometimes better.




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Brochures online

Quick access to scrolling screen imagery in miniature is handy.

Wherever we are, we expect recipes, navigation and dating apps at the swipe of a finger.

Some businesses are very visual. They rely on their vista appeal to tempt the eye to horizons beyond the four walls the buyer usually inhabits.


Wide open vistas

Industries like tourism — with promises of large swathes of blue sky, blue sea and white ribbon beaches — need centre-fold space to promote fresh air, lobster and lazy days.


Leap off the page

Businesses that promise leisure and pleasure to golfers, families or ambitious adventurists need wide open spaces to lay out their fairways, water splash parks and mountain trails across double page spreads.


Glossy good looks

Companies that organise away-days, corporate days or wedding days in castles, country houses or sporting arenas need glossy-looking pictures to sweep across a page.


Online alternative

The e-brochure with brochure-style spreads and glossy quality pictures and copy is a good stand-by for its printed version.

It’s cheaper to mail and quicker to share.


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