Brochure copywriting


Brochure content to perform

Copy writing content for brochures is an exercise that brings meaning and performance into line beautifully.

It’s the elongation of advertising. The same strenuous approach to control of content and interpretation of elements apply.

A brochure has one purpose — to sell. Copy needs to be persuasive, and build trust and likeability.


Content choreography

The triangular formula for writing copy for brochures is:

  1. what is the brochure to achieve?
  2. who is it to be produced for?
  3. how will they reap the benefits


Prospect, not product

Identifying the desired outcome defines the content and the way it’s structured. Knowing who it’s to be written for determines tone, language and style.

Selling the benefits focuses on the prospects’ needs or desires, and places in order features, advantages and benefits.

Brochure copy begins with the prospect; not the product, not the company.


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Brochure content to inform

Where advertising copy condenses user benefit and purchase advantage  into a pithy paragraph or slogan — the brochure informs the reasoned response to the advert’s emotive appeals.


Traction, attraction

Finding traction with prospects is knowing what they need or want. Attraction comes with knowing what their issues, problems or concerns are.

Addressing these directly gets their attention. Resolving to solve them keeps their attention.


Persuasion in print

It’s knowing where they are in the purchase process. If they’re at the beginning, the content style will be lead generating. If they’re near to a decision, content is focused on closing the sale.


Flagging to flying copy

Copy-writing caveats — To do:

  • discard lazy language
  • observe points of punctuation
  • avoid clichés
  • compose with thoughtfulness
  • clarify complexities
  • present facts faithfully
  • motivate action

…and not to do:

  • patronise
  • mislead
  • write lengthy sentences

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