Brochure design


Brochure design

Brochure design — a creative vitality — is disciplined wholly by the briefing, branding and budget.

Its job is to communicate the business’s brand, offer and value. How it does this is up to the required impact and the desired outcome.

Quite a lot of creativity can be achieved for a lot less than one would imagine.

The function of design is to:

  • grab attention
  • hold interest
  • communicate the message

A brochure design is the composite of images, their juxtapositon, their  relationship with text and white space and the observance of the basic rules of thirds and odds.

Design is largely instinctive and mostly intuitive.


Colour, contrast, contour

It doesn’t matter how utilitarian is the product or service or subjects, deployment of colour in blocks, headlines, photographs or graphics livens up the call to attention — and the call to action.

Contrast is what we all do constantly. We compare to make an evaluation, to reach a decision. Contrast with competitor materials is a strong USP.

Brochure design contouring is good for creating movement and harmony from page to page, between necessary elements and supplementary components.

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Brochure essentials

Unconventional brochure sizes suit unconventional message treatments.


Size essentials

Brochure design is unrestricted by format. Brochures slip into brochure racks and mailing envelopes as easily as cutting a run from A4, A5 and DL conventionality  for something different.

Brochures can be A1 fold-out posters to pocket-size concertina diminutives without conceding content clarity, stylishness or design values.


Image essentials

Pictures do a lot of the talking. In photographs we sense energy, perspective, sympathies and appreciation of form and function.

Pictures have a responsibility. They replace some of the need for words, place emphasis on those as needed, and produce an emotional connection.

The uncompromising requirements of pictures are:

  • relevance to purpose
  • quality
  • resolution and definition
  • uniqueness

Poorly selected and edited pictures reflects poorly on the organisation.


Design freedom

The beauty of brochures is that they reinforce a brand more ably than many online renderings because their certainty is its tangible material. The greater the desire to distinguish a brand from competitors’, the broader the scope for design freedom.


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