Client magazines

Where newsletters are a page or two of news or industry updates, brief information on company’s innovations or summaries of its developments, a magazine is more. A magazine takes its readers to other places through its contents, comment and visuals.


A customer magazine’s purpose  

These publications are greatly valued — and enjoyed — because they deliver a variety of topical articles or subject feature of value or interest to customers.


Powerful marketing strategy

It’s a competitive tactic that shows market participation and thoughtfulness.


Something for nothing, good value  

There is always an appetite for well written, well developed articles of interest. Shared experiences, human stories, guidance and advice make a publication worth the paper it’s printed on. It also creates compelling brand value.


Customer relations

A magazine binds an organisation with its customers and with others stakeholder groups: the local community, supply chain, business partners, local council.


Customer magazines editing
Customer magazines content


Magazine content

A magazine promises continuous good reads on subjects important to everyday living.


Value to businesses

For businesses, a customer magazine provides useful industrial data analysis and interpretation, problem-solving articles, common issues, practical guidance, with space to unpack complex issues, illustrate with graphics or graphs and create a relationship.

A customer magazine is a place to profile affiliate business partners, promote events and showcase  business innovations. It is also the voice of reason or reasoning within the industry.


Editing, commissioning 

This is not usually an in-house skill. Using an experienced external consultancy is good sense. Steering the publication within the scope of the organisation’s intentions requires editorial objectivity.

Putting together a magazine entails a number of processes:

  • article commissioning
  • submission editing
  • pagination, layout
  • page design
  • image research, photo-editing
  • graphics production

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