Magazine editorial



Client magazine content

Magazine content, like newspaper editorial, complies with Kipling’s six serving men: who, what, where, why, how and when. The editor ensure editorial contributions are relevant and relatively free of literals and syntax errors.


Member magazines

The membership organisation uses the publication to produce editorial that:

  • demonstrate and communicate its purpose and business
  • publicise its successes
  • increases its voice of authority in its sphere of influence
  • promote its various activities and events
  • create situations to advance the interests of its members
  • demonstrate its continual membership benefits
  • grow membership
  • attract patrons and sponsors by promoting interests or supporting their business objectives

For members, the magazine presents them with:

  • a facility through which to promote their interests or businesses
  • the means to raise their profile
  • an editorial area in which to share mutually interesting content
  • an opportunity to influence opinion or share views with fellow members
  • a way of keeping up to date with news and events relating specifically to their field of interest or community

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Customer magazine production
Customer magazine editing


Customer magazines content

Writing, editing content Getting quality content that is well written, interesting, relevant and factual can be a challenge.


Editorial contributions  

Strict editorial standards increase the publication’s reputation. They  raise the confidence of potential contributors of good content. Getting people to contribute to a magazine depends on:

  • what’s in it for them
  • the publication’s audience and place in the community it serves
  • the type of editorial it normally carries
  • the suggested topic
  • the required research or background context
  • time to write or recycle
  • planning and copy deadlines



Customer magazines, like newspapers, generally have predetermined sections that group similar interest items, or structures for regular themes, topics or contributors.


House style

A style guide is a set of written communication standards for an organisation. It provides a writing discipline that ensures consistency throughout every edition.

Many editors use the house style of The Times newspaper (also Guardian or Telegraph) for editorial reference.


promotional and informational literature for educational bodies

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