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Customer magazine design

Designing a customer magazine is quite different from designing marketing literature for a business. With corporate literature, there is an expectation it will conform strongly to branding guidelines.

With a customer magazine, the production is entirely different.



The paper stock is selected for its price, weight, short life span and with storage and display considerations.  It is usually glossy coated for photography impact and niftier  handling.



The covers are very different from corporate literature. Its magazine format will be stylized; reliant on an eye-catching visual, usually a single photograph, sometimes a colourful graphic.


Cover photography 

A photograph capturing the central theme of the magazine has enormous capacity to engage and interest with its vivid colouring, strong composition and centre force.

Its thousands of pixels represent actuality that is hard to ignore.

We contrive graphics. We manufacture them with our mouse: grabbing shapes, swatch libraries, gradient tools and type tools to illustrate an abstract concept.

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customer magazines editing
customer magazines content

Magazine look and feel

Magazines are a kinetic contact and a visual temptation.



Its A4 or quarto size, for easy mailing or shelf display, gives good layout options to mix visuals and text within grids for easy reading.



Whether there is one feature article, or several and a broad balance of smaller editorial items of reader interest, the content is edited with the type of reader in mind.


Consumer interest

These are fun to design. Juxtaposed attention-grabbing headlines with stunning images and whimsical graphics work well in layout for reader enjoyment.


Business or special interest

Serious subject and business-focused journals have minimalist layout. Grid columns, typeface and headline treatments have rigid rules.

Graphics are usually graphs or tables, or editorial type photographs,  factual in preference to fantasy.

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