A slice of marketing


Marketing for results


Desire, demand

Some industries enjoy a steady, ever-ready market with perpetual appetite for what they do or make — sport, weddings, fashion, take-away foods, technology.

Most don’t. They have to slice a piece of the cake from the mass — building desire, reputation and processes themselves, exploiting public and networking media through marketing, PR and social media campaigns.


Strategies, campaigns

The clearer cut the campaign, the easier it is to carry it out cost-effectively, making it work.


Cause, effect

Effective campaigns have a smart goal, an action plan, resources and an eye on the outcome. Some campaigns capitalise on market trends; many are reactions to slow or low consumer interest, and others are prudently — or impudently — opportunistic.

Markets, whether they’re business or consumer, are people. If they like, they buy. Marketing helps them like, and helps them buy. Campaigns helps to put so many causes into a plan, that effect is inevitable.

Marketing, Herefordshire





Goals for outcomes


Marketing plans

Action plans that crystallise around a central goal to generate revenue should:

  • grab attention
  • provide information for buying decisions
  • encourage the next step in the buying process by reducing the risk: guarantees, trials, etc.

Presentations, proposition

Presenting the goods, providing the place to buy them and displaying price tags is the easy start.


Pulling in punters

Getting by-passing prospects to stop, look and decide is the hard part.

It begins with the right set of messages — ones that communicate with clarity, integrity and relevance. We wrap them up into propositions that have clear buyer benefits.


Converting cold prospects into cool customers

We help you let your prospects know what you provide or do — and value and benefits — in a way that grabs their attention and titivates their taste buds. It is a matter of working out what is important to them.

Customers buy because they like. Or buy because they need.

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