Marketing branding


Branding your business


What’s a brand?

A brand is the sum of a logo, a name, customer experience and public perception.

A brand strategy defines the business and its benefits universally and consistently across all marketing outputs: web, literature, sales calls.


Brand building

Branding  is not just for big consumer goods businesses. It applies to every business competing for business: locksmiths, dentists, florists.


What’s in it for me?

A strong brand is an expedient shortcut. It instantly explains ‘what’s in it’ for prospect customers.


Branding — sums up the value

It’s the shorthand for expertise, client care, quality advice, reliable service, that we offer our customers. Branding is the legwork communication — images and words — that draws prospect instinctively closer.


Building trust

A fairly known product with little brand development won’t instantly convey brand benefits. Prospects may know of the product, but not see its value.

A weak, barely known brand is worse off. It has harder to work to engage a prospect that doesn’t see what’s in it for them.

Branding is everything — the stuff you want to communicate to consumers, and the stuff you communicate despite yourself. David F D’Allesandro, former Fortune 200 CEO

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Brand recognition


Essential pre-selling

Branding of even the slightest sort for the smallest business is necessary in today’s market emporium. It’s can be achieved easily without much cost.


Mental recall, human response

It is human nature to attach a visual image to a mental record.


Branding — a living relationship

Branding is not a one-off tick-the-box exercise. It’s the living relationship between the business and its consumer.


Moderated, modified

A brand is the result of the care we pay to our business and the way we communicate our business. It must be moderated and modified fairly regularly. It is a human dimension.


A little preparation; a lot of value

Developing a brand strategy doesn’t have to take much time or cost. The briefer, the better. Consider the features, and their emotional and rational benefits to prospects and produce this as a single notion.


Brand supremacy, customer engagement

Developing a brand is developing a desired customer relationship. The brand embodies everything we’d like our prospect buyers and clients to think about us.


We can’t insist, but we can assist

There are three elements of brand building:

  • logo and livery
  • messages
  • reputation.

The first two are mechanical; the third is earned.


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