Marketing campaigns

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Targeted marketing


Marketing time and money for results

Random marketing produces random results. Marketing time and money must get results.


Campaigns, product launches

For small to medium businesses launching a new product or announcing an innovation — campaigns are non-negotiable.

Campaign planning discipline produces smart goals by which the campaign is assessed. It also also useful for checks in the broader considerations in the business, consensus and acceptance of responsibility.


Campaigns — costed, planned

Campaigns for other marketing activity is also good practice — smart goals, targets, planned activity, timelines, resources and budget.

The tighter the budget, the more important it is to define the market.

Campaigns arise from a need to resolve a situation: low awareness, poor sales, poor customer service history.


A problem well defined is a problem half solved. Ralph Waldo Emerson, 19th century American philosopher

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Campaign planning


Chicken or egg?

Medium-to-large organisations have teams to dwell all day on meetings, strategies, planning, measuring and reporting.

Small ones don’t, but that shouldn’t preclude a basic plan outline. KISS considerations:

  • desired outcome
  • desired increase in sales
  • financial value of increase
  • timescale
  • budget
  • consequences if aborted

Target prospects:

  • customer profile — b2c, b2b
  • geographic location
  • customer characteristics
  • customer preferences
  • purchase trigger
  • attitude to service or product


Budget or plan?

For small companies where budget is tight, budget determines the plan.

Budget, resources:

  • sales forecast
  • research resources
  • profit per item
  • available budget

Activity options:

  • PR, social media
  • Leaflets, knock and drop
  • organising a local event
  • networking


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