Marketing communication

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Marketing communication


Desired knowledge, on the go

Today’s technology gives us what we need to know… on the go.

But the hand-held device’s sound-bite is insufficient marketing information upon which to make purchase decisions. Backup is still necessary in media that has the space to give the detail:

  • editorial in printed magazines
  • press releases in print or online newspapers
  • downloading case studies
  • operating manual fact sheets.


Telling it, selling it

Regardless of the impact of social media — effective marketing communication does not mean we have to tell it and sell it in 140 characters.

Many industries, sectors, products or services are too complicated to explain their value in 10 sentences.


Keep talking

Customer dialogue is:

  • company product information
  • service updates
  • cold prospect sales letters
  • e-newsletters to previous customers.

Dialogue is also customer service and customer reviews, published prolifically and instantly online.


Compassionate communication

Customer-focused dialogue engages by using fresh ideas and clear thoughts. Avoiding clichés and lazy language is worth the investment.

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Marketing targeting


Who are our audiences

We change our daily roles constantly — from commuter to company widget purchaser — from grabbing a sandwich for one at one o’clock to buying supermarket supper for four at six o’clock. Businesses have to pitch for different people inhabiting the same person at different moments.


Understanding audiences

Buying a lunch-time sandwich is a lot less risky than buying a £2,000  holiday cruise, of course. This risk difference needs different communication approaches — the first is a gut instinct, the second financial pragmatism.

Businesses-to-business marketing communicates separately with possibly four or more people:

  • point of contact or initiator
  • influencer
  • decider
  • purchaser.

The tone and content changes from persuasive to convincing to reassurance to informational.


Respecting audiences

Some TV  commercials or press ads seem incomprehensible. But to their target audience, their  messages make sense.

They’re framed in cultural references and language that exclude others. But they work.

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