Client newsletters

Newsletters — usually a page  — are an effective, cost-efficient means of keeping customers, clients and subscribers updated with relevant, useful information.

Marketers advise organisations to maintain a steady programme of contact — this is where newsletters come into their own.

They’re mostly used to to inform customers, clients or subscribers of new developments, updates or progress with particular projects.


Cheap as chips

They’re quick to produce and easy to send as email attachments or e-newsletters.

Those that contain special offers and particular information for customers and clients are particularly well received.


Everyone’s doing them

Every online business routinely sends out e-newsletters to those who have agreed to receive them. They must be useful, brief, to the point and of possible benefit to the recipient, the basis of all good customer relations.

Professional firms are obliged to provide clients with information and updates arising from legislative change and interpretation. They find it useful too to inform clients about other developments and new services.

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Some newsletters are a delight to receive. They are bright, professionally designed and cheerfully and informally written to impart interesting or useful information.


Good newsletters

These are considered as those which:

  • are thoughtfully constructed
  • have useful information
  • are written with brevity and clarity
  • have quality images or graphics
  • are appropriate to the intended audience
  • have recipient permission to be emailed
  • have visible opt-out clauses


Poor newsletters

Those that damage the reputation of, or relationship with, an organisation are those that:

  • have little material content
  • are poorly written
  • are unimaginative
  • recycle well-worn news
  • show little regard for the reader in layout and language
  • use low resolution, poorly lit images
  • include cliché clip-art
  • hide or obscure their opt-our clauses


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