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PR: reputation, goodwill

Public Relations is about reputation — the result of what we do, what we say and what others say about us.

It’s our planned, sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between ourselves and customers, suppliers, local business networks, local council.

It might have a crisis management or a reputation managing component or the task of changing public attitude.


The devil and level aspects of PR

The devil side is spin. The level side is the good it does:

  • creating true, positive impressions
  • providing useful information
  • participating in community-minded activities.


Trust and likeability

Good relationships are developed through good communications to create a good impression of a company with which clients, businesses and suppliers will want to deal.


PR Activities

Most companies and small businesses undertake these as a matter of course. It’s about being seen, and about doing. A social responsibility programme usually consists of:

  • charity patron, support
  • community activity, spirit
  • local schools engagement
  • sponsorship

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press releases

Publicity: A local profile

Using local media that represent the local community requires interesting press releases or news stories with a what, who, where, why and when formula.


Publicity for an industry profile

For businesses wanting to increase their exposure in their industry, editorial features are good for industry journal editors always looking for well-written, interesting, informative editorial content.


Leading thought leadership

Professional firms, membership organisations and businesses delivering expertise know they need to produce regularly:

  • white papers
  • reports
  • journals
  • editorial contributions to0 relevant publications
  • client newsletters


Seminars, conferences   

Subject owners, unparalleled in their field of expertise, are true gifts to their organisation if they can present well as guest speakers at seminars and conferences.



Exhibitions — visual, kinetic and face to face — are good public reminders of the business and good for product launches.


Winning awards

Entering business, industry or community awards is good for generating publicity, to perpetuate general interest and to demonstrate public consciousness.

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