Press releases


Press, news releases

Whereas marketing communication persuades buyers to buy, press releases inform the wider public.

The first is for customer consumption; the second for public consumption.


Press releases

These are specifically news reporting, for example:

  • to announce an appointment or departure of a chief executive
  •  to announce key events for general consumption – eg, opening a chain of stores, or scientific discovery, an overseas market breakthrough
  • to announce a new business in a local community
  • to declare a change
  • to launch a major new product or product line that will interest the general public, or an interested group of people in a specialist journal
  • to inform the media about a business event in the anticipation they will promote it or send a reporter to cover it or invite you to a radio or television interview

They are neutral in style, fairly brief, factual and devoid of comment, unless in a quote.


News releases  

News releases have greater liberty in word count and application. They deal with the detail of a story for public consumption. They often have a narrative quality.

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press releases
award entries

Media campaigns

Whereas advertising or sales promotion campaigns are short term, PR campaigns are usually ongoing or at least year. Building a reputation or changing attitudes are not overnight fixes.


Defining the issue

Issues are divided into working parts: timelines, stakeholder prime interests, subjects, measures of success, each is clearly stated with relevance to the various stakeholder groups.


Defining the stakeholders   

The list is often longer than expected: general public, internal staff, existing customers, prospective customers, suppliers, local partners, overseas affiliates, etc, noting their importance to the campaign purpose.



This includes external resource such as press release copy-writing, editorial feature writing, media materials, video production, graphics, photography, staff time, press hospitality, etc.



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