Company annual reports

An annual report — summarising a company’s activities and stating its financial position of the preceding year — gives stakeholders company performance information.

Its principal purpose is to disclose the financial performance of the preceding year in accordance with GAAP; Companies House requires a copy.

Its financial content consists of:

  • accounting policies
  • balance sheet
  • cash flow statement
  • profit and loss account
  • notes to the financial statements
  • chairperson’s statement
  • director’s report


Report preparation, production

It is normally the Financial Director or CFO who is responsible for producing the financial statements and the chairperson’s and directors’ reports for publication in the annual report.

It is the responsibility of the communications or marketing director to produce the publication or document with high production values that properly presents the company to its external audiences.


Annual goals, successes, operations

The annual report — the Chief Executive’s statement of the company’s well-being — is the manifestation of all major decisions by the Board of Directors to influence or achieve a particular outcome, long term or immediate.

It usually includes sales , operational and productivity performances, overviews of economic factors, market conditions, internal resources and other issues that will create a favourable impression among the company’s publics and stakeholders.

We help organisations with:

  • editorial and sub-editing
  • copy writing, content development
  • graphics, charts and images
  • organising the various sections’ elements, ensuring all copy is fact-checked and signed off by the relevant, authorised person
  • project deadlines
  • production processes



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Special interest reports

Special interest or periodic reports assess a particular situation or opportunity over a particular time or at a given point.

Reports are required to:

  • examine a particular situation, provide insight and evidence, interpret the findings and recommend a solution
  • inform interested parties of a particular condition, situation or prospect
  • record particular activities and outcomes, success and failure as guidelines for future similar projects or research activity
  • invoke a particular course of action or influence a particular view
  • enlighten a group or general public on specific on a specific to gain wide-spread support

The more formal have rigid structures with a methodical presentation of the subject, key point summaries and appendices and references.


Commissioning reports

Businesses commission an external communications specialist or agency to undertake the writing and production in order to maintain the objectivity and production schedule. This entails:

  • analysing the findings
  • writing the report
  • review, proof-reading
  • commissioning or obtaining visuals and graphics

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