Membership organisations, marketing

Membership organisation, marketing


Marketing, membership organisations

Nurturing subscribers of membership organisations — professional institutes, guilds, trade associations, community forums, partnership alliances, chambers of commerce — requires communication momentum.


Member service

In representing your members’ interests and furthering their professional development or personal interests, you are continually communicating essential information and messages. We can help you do this.


Member information

Growing, expanding, nurturing and retaining membership needs continual, relevant and member-focused information.

We help with writing, designing and production of:

  • membership joining packs
  • prospectuses
  • case studies, updates, fact sheets
  • member benefits information
  • certificates.


Content, copy writing

We produce literature on best practice issues, continuing professional development (CPD), qualifications and awards, member activities, research, professional standards, stakeholder surveys, sector reviews, service promotion, etc.


Materials production, design

With expertise in writing and designing business materials, we produce:

  • policy documents and reviews, brochures, programmes, leaflets, reports, case studies
  • seminar materials, dates & fees schedules
  • branding and visual identity, display materials
  • commissioning editorial, proof-reading.


Member, stakeholder events

These take up an inordinate amount of organisational time. We can support your team in planning the events, or undertake to run them entirely.

Marketing for Trades businesses Herefordshire


Publications, publishing

Commissioning, editing, writing and producing member communication, we undertake:

  • magazines, newsletters
  • journals, reports, surveys
  • activity, performance, annual evaluation, analysis documents.



We can produce content on an ongoing basis, working with your existing web team, or undertake a complete web and SEO project (in collaboration with a highly experienced web developer).

We use our marketing experience and web production skills (development, writing, design) to ensure your site is:

  • designed around the needs of your members and stakeholders
  • that content is easily accessible and navigable
  • that the pages are aesthetic.


Social media

This has become an influential route to inform, persuade and promote membership benefits to prospects and stakeholders. Good use needs appropriate and timely content. We can create blog copy, micro-site quick-bite messages and dominant position profiles.


Press, PR

Attracting and engaging prospective members need press activity. We assist with:

  • press releases, editorial, news generation, special features
  • planning, managing PR events

Membership organisations, marketing