Trades, marketing

Trades marketing

Tradespeople — whether industrial, construction or services — remain highly valued for their skills, expertise and capabilities in every aspect of home, work, leisure and personal lives.



Trades and trades people

Apart from taxes, one thing is certain in life. We frequently need the expert services of tradespeople to install, repair,  improve, maintain or upgrade some element of our living environments.


Trades expertise, skills

Customers buy the services of tradespeople to avoid a disaster or to improve their standard of living. They have high expectations of a job well done, more so, because the benefits are personally perceived… and immediate.


Craftsmanship, artisan

Like all tradespeople, the master craftsman/woman or artisan, is highly valued for their specialised training in the production of goods — the wedding cake baker, the commercial photographer, the jewelry maker, the dressmaker that brings personal delight.


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Tradespeople opportunities

Tradespeople are envied for their independent employment prospects, and also for immediate job self-satisfaction — bringing relief or pleasure to their customer.

There is also the prospect of business growth, and controlling one’s own destiny.


Business growth for Trades

Trades business is achieved through repeat business. Trade growth is  accomplished through word-of-mouth recommendation. Yet, as elsewhere in commercial life, competition can corrode profit margins.


Marketing for Trades

Simple marketing strategies, at relatively low cost, are all that’s needed to remain ahead. Marketing’s principles of product, promotion, people and price are particularly useful in trades business marketing.


Marketing basics

It seems that many tradespeople make effective use of social media platforms. To supplement this, we help trades businesses with websites, web copy, marketing propositions and branding to leave lasting and positive impressions.

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