Social media


Social media


Collective online communication 

Just about every business has social media accounts of some sort: Facebook (over one billion users), Twitter, Google+ (growing 33 per cent pa*), YouTube, LinkedIn.



In the US, nearly 50 per cent say that Facebook is their first influencer in purchase decisions: 70 per cent of marketers use Facebook to get new customers. Over a million web pages are accessed through the Login with Facebook link: 23 per cent of users login at least five times a day.*



Twitter has over 550 million users. Several years ago it was the fastest growing network: 44 per cent growth 2012 to 2013. There are 215 million active users; 34 per cent of marketers use Twitter to generate leads.



According to research* 90 per cent of marketers use social media for business and 70 per cent of brands have a Google+ presence. Some believe it will overtake Facebook.



It has over one billion users: 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute.



A business community site, it contains  professional group affiliations and individual professional profiles: over 300 million members. It’s added advantage is its catch-up posting opportunities.



The site, with 150 million monthly active users, is an online mobile photo and video-sharing platform for social networking.



This social website shares images found on the internet: very attractive to lifestyle brands (with 20 million active users*).

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Social media marketing


Exploiting potential

Larger businesses have dedicated teams developing interesting content and updates; the smaller and start-ups strive to keep their accounts active, or awash with fresh content.


Exploiting social media networks   

It is widespread practice to use the networks to herald new products, innovations and benefits and to expand reach and broaden brand exposure.

Creating useful, interesting or compelling content is necessary to entice users to share it — and spread it — across their social networks.


Social media… optimising

A main objective of social media marketing is to draw new visitors to a website, the location of brand presence over which the brand owner, small businesses to large ones, have their own control.

Adding social media links to content, eg- RSS opt-in feeds, and sharing buttons, or by prompting action through status updates, tweets or blog posts helps.


Tracking public opinion, insights

Analytics — data mining from blogs and social media sites — are used to evaluate campaign success or plan remedial action. There are specialist companies expert in extracting and analysing customer data.


Exploiting networks for business

The choice of networks is distracting. Each requires a warm, well-written, engaging profile as the start of online relationships and participation in online communities that encourage members to do business with you or to refer you.

*   Search Engine Journal

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