Blogging, good practice


Business sense

Blogging makes business sense because it’s instantaneous promotion, quick to do, and a cost effective element of today’s digital marketing.


Reasons to blog

For Google, Bing and other search engines, their crawlers need to know the website is active. Continuous blogging does this.

A business case for blogging:

  • routes traffic to the website
  • strengthens a website with additional indexed pages
  • is an opportunity for narrative around a business’s achievement or activity
  • produces increased links for better organic rankings, including reciprocal links
  • builds the brand and loyalty
  • builds a public persona for a business’s thought leaders
  • creates trust, establishes authority
  • generates leads
  • raises the online profile with other social networking platforms
  • has longevity as long as the blog remains on the site


Publishing — marketing boundaries

Marketing copy is accepted as persuasive content, with psychology as its driver, and audience target as its heart.

Publication content is expected to be carefully composed, written in straightforward prose and verified.


Better written… better content  

While blogging has blurred these boundaries, business blogs still requires professional content and approaches.Marketing in Herefordshire

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Blogging content


Part of marketing

Business blogs should be part of a marketing plan, timetabled, resourced and have a particular purpose.


Blogging goals 

These should include what the business outcome expectations are and the benefits to readers as part of the business’s overall marketing objectives. These need not be onerous, but they need thought.



Blog readers are not always prospects or existing customers, but people who accidentally find the the blog, and who could be advocates or part of the community, or people with interest in the topic.

Knowing the target audience defines the content and writing style.


Editorial schedule

There should be no fixed production timetable, but regular blogs with interesting, relevant themes, good anecdotal information and an easy prose style should be planned as part of the social media strategy.



Good blog content and activity can be time-consuming to produce. Smaller companies don’t employ blog writers, and outsourcing is an effective, cost efficient alternative.

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