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Social media as a marketing tool has grown exponentially since 2006. It’s a must do today — today as in nowadays, as well as today, every day.


Who does, wins

Social media can be carried out ad hoc, unplanned — with likely ad hoc results; results nonetheless.


Who plans, also wins   

A planned campaign needs a smart objective — specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed — that guides its tactics and timetable.


A clear objective 

Objectives steers the campaign — target market, channels, content, outcomes. They are useful benchmarks for evaluating campaign success.

Examples of objectives:

  • increase website traffic by 30 per cent by adding social media content by 01.01.18
  • increase e-newsletter distribution by 50 per cent by 01.01.18
  • increase YouTube views by 70 per cent by 01.01.18


Cyberspace passive partner

In today’s business environment, ad hoc is better than ad nothing, but we are just a cyberspace passive participant.

However, random social media activity may not deliver the results that a planned, costed programme does.


Cyberspace active partner   

Like any campaign, it needs a strategy — even an informal one for start-ups or small businesses.

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Strategy follows

Strategy is the route to the desired outcomes. It is used to:

  • attract attention
  • engage interest
  • trigger desire
  • convert to sales in a call for action.


Reasons for strategies

A strategy brings visitors that are prospects to the main site, through social media channels, to convert them into leads to become customers.

Examples of strategies:

  • create a particular client community in which to raise brand awareness
  • build relationships with a community of prospect buyers, influencers or advocates.

We help you to define the goals, the target audience, key messages and tactics to make you a cyberspace active participant.


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