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Social media, planned content


Content to target

A content plan for social media starts with the core messages tailored to target markets. The messages define the format.

Content is client or prospect-focused; what interests them or benefits them.


Content decisions 

With SMEs, the role falls within the marketing or PR departments.

For small businesses, this is either an added task for the business owner, or for an external consultancy, and considers:

  • who determines the content
  • who manages the content
  • who authors or creates the content
  • what type of content for each social media channel
  • which channels
  • what content can be integrated across the channels


Content for engagement   

This is obvious. Opinions, comment, information, photographs, video — all staple fare for online content that draws in people and communities.

It’s the first stage of the process of developing relationships, building trust and likeability.

The second stage is social media participation — sharing content as a means to beginning dialogue, or casual conversation.


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Social media, quality content


Quality first… quantity second

Quality comes first, but quantity is a close second; activity shouldn’t be abandoned or become sporadic social media sphere forays.


Thought and responsibility  

Quality doesn’t mean perfection; it means content is developed with thought and responsibility, knowing what interests or intrigues prospects and customers.


Trust and likeability 

While quality is critical to credibility and trust, the human dimension in tone, type of contact and personality is critical to likeability.


Optimising content

The greater the sharing of content, the bigger the opportunity for search engine optimisation that works on semantic relevance and frequency.

The larger the number of tags and optimised links that exist between channels and the source of content — the business owner’s website — the greater the navigation to the business or organisational website.


Publicising content 

Accelerating post activity — share, like, reply — through social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn or through micro-blogging sites like Twitter or social-bookmarking sites like Delicious and Reddit is good practice.

Posting content on a site, one’s own or a public site, is insufficient. It needs accelerated shareable, like and retweet activity.




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