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Social media, suitable and essential

Social media has become suitable and essential  for just about every business; including those more technical with equally technical customers.

Just about every careerist and most professionals, it seems, have a LinkedIn account, and share in the communities that exist.

These are very useful, as a means of networking with like-minded people, and as access to opinion or expertise.


Working content

The kind of content that has bite are demonstration videos, subject reports, e-books, how-to guides, etc.

This content is driven by valuable,  available expertise and the results of empirical research. To engage the gullible and not-so-gullible, good content must be written authoritatively, factually and with regard for language grammar.


Social media, route to content

Social media isn’t a selling tool. It buses interested people to the terminals of content. The wheels go round and round only because the content has value and is well written.

The content has to be worth the journey. In these cases, it invariably is:

  • special subject reports
  • white papers
  • journal articles
  • conference, seminar handouts

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Networking content


Topic tags

So much social media content exists. To be worth the effort, it has to be good — worth linking to and reading or sharing. It has two seconds to engage the reader.


Freely accessed stuff

For businesses, it’s a good positioning tool; it separates the business from its competitors by offering immediate and freely accessed benefit.


Gathering a following

Good social media content stirs the senses, gathering together a large posse of faithfuls that become trend-followers and hopefully purchasers.


Trend setting

Social media is the channel in which to set the trend. Sticky followings deliver people to YouTube must-sees or What’s App what’s ups. Setting the trend can bring huge business profits.


Certain successes

Social media for consumer markets, eg- the wedding industry, is extensively used for particular outcomes, with certain success.

Creating useful content that garners adherents follows a number of formats:

  • checklists, cheat sheets
  • good practice guides
  • top tips
  • useful information
  • solutions


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