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Critical business tools

The brochure was essential for medium-to-large organisations, but not for small entities.

The truth is not the same for websites. Technology makes them imperative,  for the local florist, funeral service and vet.


Websites do — brochures don’t

A website does three things:

  • perpetuates itself every minute of every day
  • renders itself continually to untapped markets
  • grabs attention with dynamic digital content

Comparatively little makes it good

Visitors expect a professional-looking site. Subconsciously they form their first impression and lasting impression on what they see on a home page.

A little bit of thinking creates a page that is pleasant to stay on, and read the content.


Trust and likeability

A website, accessible to everyone, lays out clearly what we offer and how we say we will deliver.


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Website types


Branding, leads, e-commerce

Website types fall into four categories: brand or corporate, lead generation, online buying (for small to medium enterprises) and online advertising for multinationals with multinational budgets.


Branding websites

Brick-and-mortar businesses — niche retailers, home extension builders, FE colleges, sports centres — develop a branding site to raise their profile and draw interest to their physical property.

People-service businesses — accountants, lawyers, bankers, reflexologists, independent HR consultants — develop a branding site to raise their profile and to explain and demonstrate their expertise.


Lead-generating websites

More costly to develop, they have critical ROI (return on investment) expectations that largely depend on PPC (pay per click, Google adword) modelling.

These sites are very useful in over-crowded markets where generating leads for personal selling is essential.


e-Commerce websites

The most costly of all, the behind-the-scenes digital marketing and commodities selling rely on data and sophisticated database software.

Website expenditure is directly measured against online purchase in this highly competitive business.


Online promotion

Big branding sites, like Apple, just want to stimulate the senses and feed the desire. They invest in creative thinking and high production values to produce stunning sites.Marketing, planning... Herefordshire




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