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Web site design


Tomorrow’s technology for today’s consumer

App capabilities, advanced functions and image resolution are revolutionising website visitor expectations. We’re titivated by technology.

However, websites must still:

  • be easy to find
  • provide the desired information
  • be fast to load
  • be simple to navigate
  • be quick with links
  • be appropriate to its target markets

They must function equally well on desktop and mobile devices with responsive design.


Web — the point of it

People visit a business website because they want to know something. The point of the website is information.

They don’t visit for the experience or for entertainment — they go to sites specially built for that.


Web — the flash of it

Motion attracts attention. It drags the scanning eye from its anchor interest on a web page to the web owner’s point of interest.

Flash graphics work beautifully when it’s part of the story on the page. And doesn’t — when it isn’t.


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Web page design


Web pages to communicate with the mind

Product launches or service improvements need fanfare. The web is perfect for this: audio, film, interviews.


Words work  

Search spiders gobble them up. If words are in the right order, relevant, and frequently updated, they boost search rankings.

Big brands can afford to reduce word count. They still rank topmost in search results.

If their brand message is already out and about – they’ve paid for their less-is-more simplicity in prior online, on screen or print advertising.

Little ones can’t. Spadework in getting out, sometimes complex, brand information is semantic digging.

It’s also sifting for the right words to invite curiosity and stir interest.


Picture this 

Stunning photography, apt graphics and clever info-graphics communicate beautifully with the mind.

They’re not cheap to produce, but they do punch above their weight.

Unusual artefacts and aspects communicate a keen edge to rival competition.


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