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Website — market stall

Web content builds the brand. If it’s relevant, useful, engaging, easy to read and easy to locate — it galvanises the gastric juices.


Barrows of marrow

Setting up a website is like setting up a street market stall; laying out pumpkins and peppers, inviting a bite.


Its part in the buying cycle

There are three stages in the buying cycle:

1. early phase: customers looking and learning, and possibly some yearning

2. mid-point phase: customers comparing competitor offerings

3. late phase: customers ready to decide


Early phase 

Customers are window shopping, forming opinions. Developing likeability is important.

Mid phase

The customer is shopping around; trust is essential. Trust is built on the triangle relationship of the vendor, the buyer and the commodity.

Late phase

This seals the deal with guarantees, customer service pledges, and transactional information.

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Web content – healthy

Staff, stakeholders, supply chain contacts and general field research are good places to start in to produce relevant, engaging content.


Listen to the customer

Know what is pleasurable or frustrating in locating the information they need for their purchase decision.


Produce different content for different people

Web visitors are not always the decision makers. They might be end-users or influencers.


Produce consistent content  

Give web visitors the same content messages across their different interaction points: main site, social sites, social media, printed literature — everywhere.


Don’t be dull 

Dull content comes from too little time to imagine. Or worse, too little consideration of the visitor.


Short and sweet

Short and sweet copywriting or content production takes time. That’s the web investment.

Complex concepts can’t be contained in a few, simple words. Clarity is half-way to trust. Clear meaning takes time and effort.




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